Batian Flowers

Batian Flowers Ltd. is well-known for producing beautiful roses of outstanding quality. This company is proud of their products, their reputation and the way they care for their employees and the environment.


Batian Flowers Ltd. produces a quality of roses which they believe in. Their unique location on the slopes of mount Kenya, their knowledge of roses and their focus ensure that the quality of roses in which they believe can be guaranteed. By using natural methods of disease control, Batian Flowers Ltd. tries to avoid chemicals where they can.

In their company statement Batian Flowers Ltd. focuses on three main points, namely: their roses, the world and their growth. For their roses they aim to grow the best roses on the African continent. Thereby the creation of flowers with the best presentation and to ensure the longest possible vase life. For the world they aim to make it possible for every person to enjoy the roses from Batian. Batian Flowers Ltd. wants to take care for their employees and their families. By taking responsibility for the environment in and outside the farm they can realize this care for people.

For their growth they aim to make success so they they can expand an do even more for the roses, the world and the people. Batian values to give things back to their employees, the environment and the community. They want to show their appreciation by making a difference.